Our Team

Pastors & Staff

Steve Chamberlain

Lead Pastor

Steve is the lead Pastor at Hawley Alliance Church. He loves leading those who walk through the doors to cross the line of faith by saying “yes” to trusting Jesus. He then likes to take those that cross that line and create teams to outreach to others who have yet to be introduced to Jesus. In order to equip these teams and those who have trusted Jesus, Steve teaches Network classes. It is through these classes people discover their spiritual gifts and find their fit to serve by using their gifts and talents. Steve was born and raised in Minnesota. He has been with Hawley Alliance Church since 2007, and in that time has enjoyed working and building a team with his staff.

Kyle Christopherson

Associate Pastor

Kyle has taken on both an administrative and pastoral role at HAC as of August 2017. He is responsible for overseeing the technical side of things, as well as connecting people and getting them plugged into the life of the church. He teaches Sunday School Classes throughout the year and preaches from time to time. While Kyle enjoys teaching the word of God, he loves to witness those “Aha” moments in people; when the spark of knowledge grows from knowing about Jesus to living for him, experiencing the power of the Holy Spirit. It is his goal to introduce as many people as he can to Jesus.

Troy Mapes

Youth Pastor

Troy is responsible for Jr. and Sr. High Youth Group.  He spends his time with teens and youth leaders, seeking Jesus in everyday life. Youth Group is a place where every student is welcomed and loved. On Wednesday nights students will experience a fun environment with an engaging and exciting format. Troy's desire is that each week students will be encouraged to grow in their love towards others and towards Jesus.  Troy has been on staff at Hawley Alliance since 2012.

Heather Nelson

Administrative Assistant

Heather makes the day to day operations of  staff and the church function smoothly. If you need to meet with a pastor,   get involved in an activity, have a question,  or don't even know where to begin, Heather will walk you through it and get you what you need. She's the longest-serving member of our staff, and knows just about everyone in our growing congregation. Heather and her husband Todd have two grown children and volunteer in various ministries in the church. 

Taunya Todd

Women's Ministry Coordinator/Creative Communications

Taunya's job is so multi-faceted she needs two titles! She answers the phone or welcomes you as you come in, creates all the visual communications in our church, coordinates the various women's ministries and events throughout the year, and along with Heather helps the pastors verbally process their random thoughts into actionable ministry ideas. On top of all that she's a wife,  mother of three and is a volunteer leader of one of our worship teams. 

Connie Sandman


When you give to Hawley Alliance, Connie is the person you can count on to make sure your gift goes exactly where it's supposed to go. She works with our volunteer treasurer to ensure accuracy and accountability for all things money related at the church. If you catch her at work, you'll see she does it with a smile, knowing that her work is for Jesus and brings glory to God. 

Jen Miller


Kaitlyn Todd