Kyle Christopherson

Lead Pastor

Kyle joined the staff as  Associate Pastor in  2017. Then took on the lead pastor role in the summer of 2023. He works with the elders and staff to make sure every person @ HAC has the opportunity to hear about Jesus and discover the joy of giving their life to Him. Kyle loves getting to know new people and helping them take the next step in their faith, wherever they're coming from. Whether you're here for Sunday worship, Wednesday night ministries, or a special event, odds are Kyle is close by. It doesn't matter to him whether he's  up front preaching, behind the scenes training, or learning in an adult class, he's just happy to be a part of whatever God's Spirit is doing in people. 

Spencer Rekedal

Youth Pastor

Spencer is responsible for Next Gen ministries! He leads Wednesday night youth group for junior and senior high. He is passionate about sharing the love of Jesus Christ with every student. His goals are to empower students to live out the great commission that is found in Mathew 28:19-20. The job of the Youth Pastor is to equip students to become strong believers who know God by living out their faith found in Deuteronomy 6. On Wednesday nights, students will GATHER together through a game and food… GROW by engaging with scripture and in small groups… and GO by sharing what they have learned from God and others through their testimonies of what God has done with all those they meet. Spencer desires that students and leaders pray,  read God's Word, and live out their faith. Spencer has been on staff at Hawley Alliance since 2021. 

Laura Halvorson

Administrative Assistant/Creative Communications

Laura makes the day to day operations of the staff and the church function smoothly, along with being the keeper of the  church calendar. She has experienced the difference a relationship with Jesus makes, so she creates visuals and communications to get His message out to our community. Laura and her husband Chancey have two children and volunteer in various ministries in the church. 

Jenny Browning

Administrative Assistant

Jenny loves to support people and create opportunities for people to get to know Jesus.  If you need to meet with a pastor,  get involved in an activity, have a question,  or don't even know where to begin, Jenny will walk you through it and get you what you need. She and her husband Brad are involved in various HAC ministries, & she joined the staff team in 2023. 

Connie Janke


When you give to Hawley Alliance, Connie is the person you can count on to make sure your gift goes exactly where it's supposed to go. She works with our volunteer treasurer to ensure accuracy and accountability for all things money related at the church. If you catch her at work, you'll see she does it with a smile, knowing that her work is for Jesus and brings glory to God. 

Elizabeth Norton